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Santa Baby Fabric Face Mask

Hi all! We have been making and donating as many face masks as possible! This is an improved version of the face masks, these cover your face a lot more and are more comfortable!


We have donated over 1000 face masks up to this day to several hospitals and our community. More and more people are requesting fabric masks as the CDC has now recommended we all wear them when going outside. 


Materials:  two layers of cotton fabric (sewn) with 2 elastic straps. These are reversible and you can hand wash them!  Please keep in mind there is a global fabric shortage so we have limited quantities! What is available on the website is all we have. These are adult size, size fits most.

Process Time: We will ship your order the next business day!


I live in Dallas! Can I pick up my order?
Unfortunately we are not offering pick ups. We are sewing majority of the day and we are practicing social distancing. 


 We do not accept returns or exchanges due to COVID-19 safety reasons. Once fabric face mask has been shipped, the order is complete.



Please note, The Pet Scout Shop is not making medical claims for these masks. We do not guarantee these will protect you against COVID-19. These do not replace N95s. These mask are a great physical reminder to keep your hands off your face. We are trying to help our community as much as possible by proving free face masks! If you have the materials we encourage you to make them!